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A seasoned speaker who has engaged numerous audiences, Rick’s presentations are spiked with humor, creative visuals and quirky props. They have proven popular at conventions, corporate events, universities, and other venues. He often draws on his own personal experiences and on on the hundreds of quirky history stories he has researched to make audiences think and smile at the same time.  

Selected Topics

Rivals Unto Death: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
The Ghost Army of WWII
• Innovation Under Your Nose  
• Getting to Eureka
• A Long Strange Trip: Tales from Music History
• Confessions of a  History Filmmaker
Rick’s Rules of History

Selected Events

• Featured Speaker - Smithsonian Associates, Washington DC January 2017
• Guest Speaker - Suffolk University, November 2016
• Featured Speaker - Sweetser Lecture Series, Wakefield MA, April 2016
• Featured Speaker - Vero Beach Museum of Art, International Lecture Series,  February 2015
• Memorial Day Speaker - Lexington MA, 2014
• Featured Speaker - Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida, "Lives of Purpose" Gala, March 2014
• Keynote Speaker - Music Teachers National Association, March 2013
• Guest Speaker - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 50th Anniversary Symposium, October 2012
• Featured Speaker - Cary Lecture Series, Lexington MA, September 2012
• Keynote Speaker - RPMDA Conference, May 2012  
• Keynote Speaker Medtronic Neurumodulation Division Innovation Week , January 2011

"You  a born raconteur, and you kept everyone’s interest throughout the evening. I heard so many compliments afterwards that I lost track."

Ruth Robbins
Senior Coordinator: Education and Cultural Programs
Smithsonian Associates

“What an electrifying presentation! Our packed auditorium, filled to beyond capacity, was enthralled from the very minute you opened your lecture, as the hundreds of comments by our attendees attest."

Sara Murphy
Sweetser Lecture Committee
Wakefield, MA

rbeyer 93

“If you are a conference organizer or meeting planner looking for a keynote speaker to both educate and entertain, book Rick Beyer and your members will think you’re a genius! He skillfully illustrates his witty, well prepared commentary with engaging visuals and audio clips, and turns the audience into active participants.”
         Madeline Crouch
         Executive Director

"He masterfully delivered highlights of our institution’s 50 year history, in a way that was not only entertaining but also laced with insights unbeknownst even to those whose story he told. Rarely are story-tellers so engaging while describing reality, as is Mr. Beyer."

             Dr. William Evans
             Director and CEO
             St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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"Thank you very much for your thought-provoking and captivating presentation last week.  It was a perfect capstone to our Innovation Week and your engaging presentation received a lot of very positive comments.  I am confident that the messages and corresponding examples that you left will translate into people thinking differently about how they approach the whole concept of innovation."

            Thomas M. Tefft
            Sr. Vice President & President, Neuromodulation
            Medtronic, Inc.

"He captivated our performing arts faculty and inspired them to consider the possibilities of “A Wild Idea!”, risk taking, innovation, and seeking alternative ways to accomplish an age-old tradition - - teaching music and dance!"
         Noah Blocker Glynn
         Hartt School Community Division
         Hartford, CT

rbeyer 93

“We'll be talking about it for years.”

              Gary L. Ingle
              Executive Director and CEO
              Music Teachers National Association

Below:  An excerpt from Rick's January 2011 Keynote Address for the Medtronic Neuromodulation Division's Innovation Week.


Below:  Rick's March 2013 appearance on MSNBC talking about The Ghost Army

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